In the Programs, Activities, & Forms category there is an import called 'Import LIP Enrollment from CSV'. The import has 2 parameters: 

  1. Import ID Match
    • Use Local Student ID
    • Use SSID
  2. Default Date
    • Most Recent School Enrollment (If there is a date in the file, it will be used instead)
    • First Day of School this Year
    • Today's Date

The import requires a comma-separated (CSV) text file with headers. The file must contain at least 1 column and uses the following layout:

1) Student ID OR SSID (required) 

2) LIP Choice (optional) - 3 Digit Code - Defaults to 305

3) Start Date (optional) - 'MM/DD/YYYY'

 There are two ways to get the required file:

1) In the 'File Exports - CALPADS Fall 2' category, use the export called 'EL Student Export for LIP Import'. This export includes all EL students who have been actively enrolled in at some point during the logged in school year. 

2) You can use the attached template to help create the file. Once data has been all filled in, select 'Save As, Other Formats' and choose 'CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)' as the Save as type.

If you just want to use the default 305 and most recent date for everyone, the file should look look like this:

stuID, Lipchoice, startdate




Optionally, you can enter the LIPchoice value and/or the start date.

stuID, Lipchoice, startdate

8234, 302, 08/12/2019

7972, 305, 08/12/2019

8432, 304, 09/02/2019

Please make sure you run 'CALPADS student Information Check Form' (File Exports - CALPADS category). Students who have been exited since the census date will not import and will have to be manually enrolled in the LIP/Language Acquisition program. If you need help importing the file, please contact

The new codes for this year are listed below and can be found on the Student Form - Program Page.

300    LIP - Developmental Bilingual Program

301    LIP - Dual-Language Immersion Program

302    LIP - Heritage or Indigenous Language

303    LIP - Newcomer Program (Various Models)

304    LIP - One-Way Immersion Program

305    LIP - Structured English Immersion Program
(or other predominantly English Language Instructional Models)

306    LIP - Transitional Bilingual Program